Cell Phone Repair Duluth GA

Looking for Cell Phone Repair Duluth Ga? Call the Computer Five Repair Shop now at (770) 622-1223 for competitive repair quote. We will need to know the exact model of your Cell Phone to provide an accurate estimate over the phone. Popular Cell Phone brands we repair are: Samsung Galaxy, Apple iPhone, LG, ZTE, Sony Xperia, Nokia Lumia and so on.

We offer Same Day Repair service at our Lawrenceville Georgia location. You will be required to drop off your device. Our repair times are fast when compared to other repair shops in the area.


Certified technicians

Our certified Cell Phone Repair Technicians are available all week to repair your devices. We only use high quality manufacturer replacement parts for our services. we have satisfied hundreds of customers. Our repair quotes are better than the other stores in the neighborhood. Call us today and visit our store!

How Long does the Repair Take?

repair times range between 45 minutes to 4 days. This will depend on parts availability and the repair problem. You might not be able to pickup your fixed Cell phone on the same day in some case. Your phone might be water damaged or have battery issues and we might need to order some replacement parts form out of state. Please call us to verify.

Our Store Location

We are located at:

Computer Five Store
3694 Club Drive
Lawrenceville, Ga 30044

You will be required to drop off your iPhone at our Cell Phone Repair facility to get it worked on. Please call ahead (770) 622-1223 to receive a quote over the Phone before traveling to us.